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5 Factory Set Ups For Small Conveyor Systems

small conveyor systems

Conveyor systems have always been the most popular and efficient solutions for transport and manufacture of goods in industrial settings. However, with rapid developments in technology affecting every sector, the role of conveyor systems is no longer limited to just those. The need for the more versatile conveyance which can operate in smaller spaces and increase utility and accuracy has led to the growing demand for small conveyor systems. These come in a variety of small sizes and are fitted with internal drives with motor and controller. These miniature conveyors are not only useful in transportation and assembly lines but also find wide applications in sorting, transfer of products, packaging, and inspection.

Here are 5 factory setups for small conveyor systems used in different industries:

1.Assembly and Accumulation: Small conveyor systems are used extensively to feed in small parts in fixtures and machine construction. Due to their compact size and portability, miniature conveyors are ideal for moving small components across different stages of assembly. Accumulation tables collect products which get processed unattended without damaging the parts. The automotive factories use small conveyors widely for handling small precision and sensitive parts as they have smooth transitions and can be repurposed to evolve a production line.

2.Precise transfers: Though bulky items can be transferred across the facility in large conveyors, for handling small delicate products in the medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and cosmetic industries, small conveyor systems the best option. These products are usually small, lightweight and extremely fragile and hence require a sophisticated automation system for transferring them between stations and larger conveyor units. The customizability of these small conveyors is a big appeal for factories as they can be arranged in several configurations for specialized needs.  They can also be set up on an incline or decline to transfer items across short distances with varying elevation smoothly.

3.Specialized processes: These days with the help of cutting-edge technology, small conveyor systems can do a lot more than just transfer goods. Combined with various belt options, drive packages, drive mount positions as well accessories like guides & rails, couplers & drive shaft, conveyor stands, and product indexing timer, they can fit into small spaces and actively driven packaging by bottling, capping and inkjet printing codes and labels.

4. Sorting and diverting: One of the most functional ways to apply small conveyor systems in the factory setting is to use it for sorting. This can be done by simple customizations by adding guard rails, part stops or product indexing timers with sensors. This helps to discretely sort the products into accumulators according to size and type. Mini conveyors can also be attached to the main conveyor as a buffering mechanism to temporarily divert product flow when there is a delay in downstream operations, or the products need a separate action.

5. Inspections: One of the most popular uses of small conveyor systems, inspecting the conveyed products is used both in factories as well as in non-factory settings like airports and postal services. The mini conveyors can be effectively fitted with x-rays, metal detectors, visual inspection devices, and weight checking tools to detect faulty or defective products. Inspections are vital for quality control in manufacturing and packaging operations and with the help of miniature conveyors can be performed quickly and efficiently.

small conveyor systems
Small Conveyor Systems

The compact, easy to install and portable nature of small conveyor systems makes them appealing to industries which require precise, space efficient conveyors to optimize their production capacity. They have versatile uses and most of them come with non-protruding edges making them safe for workers to use. They are undoubtedly a useful tool in factory settings for manufacturing and transport.

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