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5 things every best man needs to do

5 things every best man needs to do

It is an honour for anyone who has been asked to be someone’s best friend. But with honour comes a lot of responsibility to make sure everything goes perfectly because it is the most important day in the life of the groom and you wouldn’t want even the slightest of things to go wrong or miss out on something. In this article, we look at the top 5 things that every best man needs to do for the wedding.

Arrange the best stag party

It is the most significant responsibility of the best man to make sure that the groom has the best night of his life by arranging a fantastic stag party. There is a lot of hard work that goes into planning a perfect men’s night. The first thing is the timing; you should start a several weeks before the actual date in mind because it takes a lot of planning before you are finally able to decide on the right theme and related coordination. Find the time that suits everyone who is coming so that the groom has all the loved ones around him. Try to read the groom’s mind if you already haven’t as to what they expect on the last night as a bachelor. Keep the budget such that everyone can contribute and doesn’t feel like a burden on them. Things like the perfect location for them within the United Kingdom or overseas, the food and wine, the dress code and theme are all equally important if you want to come up with something exceptional.

Be the happy helper

Planning for a wedding and then implementing the plans is an extremely arduous task for the groom and they will need all the help they can get. It can be in terms of ideas such as how a particular activity should go ahead or deciding the type of dress they would want to wear. Then making sure you go with the groom to find the clothing they are looking for and help them select the one that suits them the best. You also have to deal with other people visiting or helping with things such as engaging with everyone and making sure things are done correctly is one of the topmost things in the priority list. The groom itself is looking at the best man during this time because it’s an overwhelming situation for them, and sometimes even the simplest of things seem difficult or vice versa. Having a capable and helping the best man around will keep everyone happy.

Give the best man speech

Once everything is done and dusted, and the post-ceremony traditions have begun it’s time for a toast from the best man and that famous speech. No one knows what’s the best speech is, but if you keep certain things in mind, that helps a lot. Start writing your statement several weeks ahead because there will be many things that you will not remember the first time, will have to add or remove a lot of things and in the worst case may even have to write everything from scratch. Start with showing your gratitude towards everyone you feel deserves to be applauded. Then talk about your relationship with the groom and the best moments you had together. If you can relate something from their past to the current scenario, that’s the best. But make sure you give more time to the relationship of the couple instead of yours. But try to keep the speech short, it shouldn’t be too long that people lose interest. Always finish your speech with a catchy phrase and then announce the toast.

Help with the wedding chores

Sure the speech is the most prominent of the events for a best man, but there are many other responsibilities they have to perform. The wedding ring’s care is the duty of the best man, and you will have to either carry it carefully throughout or keep at a safe place so that when the time comes, you are standing beside the groom with a ring. Don’t be the person who creates an unpleasant storm by losing the ring at the last minute. Things like making sure the groom gets time to sit if they have been standing for a while meeting guests are also important. If they haven’t eaten anything, it is your job to bring them food, even if they say they aren’t hungry, making them eat. It is a time when the decision-making ability of the groom is at the lowest, so the best man has to take over. Overall, not just the mundane things, but you also have to be there for moral support.

Be the last man standing

The duties of a best man start before than anyone and end after any other person. Things such as delivering the fee documents to the organiser and taking care of the food that was served to making sure all the gifts are taken care of are one of the few responsibilities. They also have to sign the marriage certificate as a witness and make sure every other witness is also present at the time to compete with their signatures. Dancing with the maid of honour and the bride will be something special, and you have to be prepared for the dance as well. Everything is hap hazardous throughout the day, but these last moments are the ones when you are needed the most. From bringing the groom to the wedding location to driving him back with the bride will be one of the final things you will do as a best man.

These are just a few things that a best man has to do, but there will be many more so feel free to broaden the list depending on your plans. You have worked really hard to make this day unique for the groom but do not forget to relax and enjoy the day yourself as well, because after all, you had the most prominent role to play in making everything happen.

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