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Worrying about your important and tremendous amount of data on some reliable data storage service? Definitely, businesses rely on technology to run the day to day processes efficiently. Azure cloud storage is a prime example of utilizing latest tech for storage.

Cloud storage is making companies to gain the competitive advantage of having data at a secure and readily available platform. Almost, 55 percent of respondents in North America and Europe indicated that their company deployed cloud storage for data security. What you will look for in that case?

As an example, Azure cloud storage has evolved into providing enterprise cloud storage and backup services to many clients around the globe. It is one of the largest cloud storage platform for many organizations and individuals. How cloud storage system is better than traditional storage infrastructure? Let’s discuss.

Traditional infrastructure challenges:

Business model growth is vital for every business owner. Traditional storage infrastructure had some gaps which are now filled by cloud storage. Azure cloud storage replaces traditional infrastructure which you previously had been using for storing.

Some challenges which traditional architecture still has to face are;

  • Scalability: Anyone wanting to scale up for business data with traditional architecture will have to pay the cost associated with buying another server for that. This puts the company’s scalability at stake especially if that company is growing at a rapid pace.
  • A complex option: When more and more data is added, even more, employees are hired for managing those servers and data. This does not return any profit to the company and costs are at the same rate as that of revenue. In fact, a whole process of storing and data maintenance becomes complex.
  • Lacks effective management: With a cloud storage system, we have increased control over user devices’ identification and access. This leads to the effective management of data for any company.

Why go for cloud storage?

The changing technology has made it compulsory for the companies to have a reliable and scalable data storage option. Cloud storage is an object level storage. It is an answer to all your data transferring and storage needs while maintaining a perfect environment of data protection too.

Cloud storage gives scalability to store your data. Scaling up and down is easier with Azure cloud storage with just a few clicks.

Easing your burden of data management. Its functionality is easier to align itself with the growing demands of data storage. Azure cloud storage provides tools to make this process very user-friendly.

No upfront payment is needed in storing your data in cloud storage. This means you only pay for what you use. Cloud storage encrypts the data before it leaves the source with a secured end to end encryption feature.

Modernizing legacy infrastructure with Azure cloud storage:

Latest cloud storage technologies are modernizing legacy infrastructure. Moving to the cloud will bring great investment returns. But, not every cloud storage has a silver lining. That is why we mentioned Azure cloud storage which is among the top-rated cloud storage option. Capable of scaling on demand, it gives buyers a benefit of dramatically increasing data processing performance with packages at reasonable rates.

Unlike a traditional architecture, paying only for what you use reduces a lot of your business expenditures on buying extra servers as in traditional infrastructure. Cloud Service Provider, StoneFly, provides Azure cloud storage with intelligent and innovative storage gateway technology.

Providing ease of access and agility through 24/7 active servers, storing, file sharing and securing data is easier with Azure cloud storage. The top-notch security feature of Azure cloud feature is rapidly replacing traditional architecture and public cloud options among users. Azure cloud storage breathes life into your old traditional infrastructure.

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