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Call Centre Outsourcing: A Way to Put Brakes on the Soaring Customer Churn Rate

‘‘Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where businesses are won or lost.’’

— Tom Knighton

 In this day and age, where competition amid businesses has become fiercer, it is significant to play cards right. Owing to the same reason, most of the enterprises are availing call centre services from reputed outsourcing firms.

Barring standing out from the competition, companies opt for call centre outsourcing for the sake of strengthening their customer base. It is instrumental because, for businesses, customers are the backbone, thus, ensuring a long-term relationship with them is vital.

According to rising reports, 58% of customers break association with a company after having awful service experiences on the trot. Hence, having a reputed customer service provider on board is important to keep the hassle of high customer turnover rate at bay. Put simply, call centre outsource is the key for businesses.

Here’s how call centre outsourcing companies keep the customer defection rate in check. So, take a gander at the below-given pointers:

·       Improve the quality of customer service

The best way to prevent customer turnover rate from soaring is by enhancing the quality of support service. This is what specialised call centre outsourcing firms are doing nowadays. It can really do wonders because when customers contact a company regarding help, they seek satisfactory resolutions.

And when unparalleled solutions are served during support interactions, this makes a positive impact on customers, which as a good outcome, results in bolstered customer base.

Why rendering quality support service is so important? Well, inferior customer service weakens the customer base and takes a business towards its end. Put simply, both customer service and business growth go hand in hand.

·       Dwindle the average wait time

Another tactic call centre outsourcing companies employ to increase customer retention rate is keeping the average wait time as low as possible. This tactic always does the trick because customers always wish for a prompt resolution after initiating a service interaction.

Did you know the voice channel has the highest wait time in comparison with other service daises?

The prime reason behind this is telephone support channel is the first choice of 60% of customers, and this is what the latest surveys have revealed. In contemplation of decreasing customer attrition rate, it is fundamental to deliver satisfactory solutions without letting the average wait time increase.

Keeping a close eye on average wait time is significant, as it is directly connected to the customer turnover rate and business credibility.

·       High FCR is the prime goal

We have already disclosed that 60% of customers make a call when they are in need of help. To put brakes on the increasing customer turnover rate, it is significant to exceed all the expectations on the most preferred service channel. Even, this could be proved the key to phenomenal business growth.

Call centre outsourcing companies always strive for the high FCR (first call resolution) rate as it can help to secure enhanced CX levels. For the very same reason, customer service agents get top-notch training. And it is clearly explained that FCR is much important than AHT (average handle time) during call centre agent training programs.

In a nutshell, high FCR rate is the prime goal for call centre outsourcing companies.

·       Both negative & positive feedback are deemed equally important

To keep brand loyalty high, it is essential to understand the customer’s pain points. For the same, gathering customer feedback is significant.

Usually, companies running an in-house call centre give attention to positive responses in order to reinforce factors, which customers liked during service interactions. By all means, this is really a good business practice.

To maintain a high customer retention rate, however, it is vitally important to consider both negative & positive feedback equally important. This shouldn’t be overlooked because if positive feedbacks help to streamline customer service operations, negative ones can lead a hand in wiping out ambiguities causing high customer defection.

That’s why most of the call centre outsourcing companies give more preference to negative customer feedback.

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