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Getting yourself mobile home in Ireland

Getting yourself mobile home in Ireland

Renting a mobile home is much like renting a house. The process of Documentation is just like the process used in an actual and permanent house. You might be planning to get a mobile home in a caravan or a mobile home park. Getting yourself a mobile home in Ireland is not tough but you have to follow certain guidelines to do it. So, some points to be considered while getting mobile home in Ireland are as follows.

What is a mobile home?

A mobile home is a structure designed to live in which can be moved from one place to another. It can be a motor vehicle made as a house to live in. The size of this home may vary according to your needs and the permissions granted by the authorities.

Do we need to buy Land?

 Generally, you can put a mobile home anywhere but you have to take mandatory permissions from the authorities. You can put a mobile home on your land or take any other’s land to put your mobile home there. If you want to buy a land to put your mobile home without getting permissions from the land owners, it is good to buy your own land and adjust your mobile home according to your choice and needs. To get a mobile home in Ireland, it is not necessary to buy a land according to the government regulations.

 Do we need any permission?

Even if you are putting a mobile home on your own land or on someone other’s land, it is mandatory to take planning permission and site license. You can obtain it by writing to the council. A site license is not necessary in the case of caravan or mobile home which is parked in the spare area of your home and no one is living in it permanently. All permissions granted by the authorities will be for limited time periods. A residential caravan in a garden also require planning permission.

What are the steps we need to take from the government?

Government authorises the mobile houses by their sizes, types and location of the placement. Mobile homes are considered as the development and hence require certain government permissions including some agreements. You have to report to the council about your mobile home and then you will receive a letter to apply for planning permission. You have to fill up this letter to get retention for your already placed mobile home. It is possible that your letter may be refused due to some reasons. You will then get a chance to appeal to Bord Pleanala. You will get some retention period to properly get your mobile home authorized from the government under the given rules and regulations. If you do not make any appeal then you will be in a breach of planning legislation. You may have to move your house from the approached property.

What is the cost of different mobile homes in Ireland?

There is a major housing crisis running in the Ireland these days. Rents are huge and unaffordable for people and they left with only one choice of renting a mobile home. When you have wonderful options for different type of mobile homes then it is good to have one instead of real houses. Cost of mobile homes in Ireland may vary according to the size, structure and finishing of the mobile home. Normal price range for a 2 bed will cost you between 20,000 to 30,000 Euro with some extra booking fee. A big mobile home with 3 beds will cost your between 25,000 to 40,000 according to the size and the features of the mobile house.

Mobile home insurance by Britton Insurance

After fully setting up your mobile house at your desired place. It is necessary to get your mobile home insured by a good insurance firm. Because these houses are more prone to the environmental damages, so it will be good to take steps to fully get it insured by a trustworthy insurance provider. There are lots of firms providing lots of Mobile Home Insurance schemes from which you can select any good insurance scheme for your home. Lots of companies like Britton Insurance are giving easy to claim insurances services to fully save your personal property with their world class services.

David Clarke an insurance blogger/consultant


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