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Here’s How to Look Your Best on Cross-Country Travels


While traveling to another country – you experience a mixed bag of feelings. Excitement and anxiety both come side by side.

Traveling involves long hours on an airplane or train, which  results in jetlag and exhaustion because you are cramped up in the seating area. Traveling could be stressful and it even shows on your face.

Here’s a guide full of suggestions for you, on how you can look your best and beautiful while a cross-country travel.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Beauty Regime

You may have a skin care routine – which may not be possible to follow on your vacation. Rather than eliminating the whole skin care routine you can narrow it down to the basics. Just carry your basics along – if you’re confused then, have a look at what you need to carry!

Sunscreen – no matter where you travel – the climatic conditions are cold or hot. This has to be on the top of your list. Rays of sun are very harsh, and protection is needed even at tropical mountains, UV rays are very strong there also.

Moisturizer – traveling and flying regularly can dehydrate your skin – your moisturizer is a lifesaver for you.

Eye drops – traveling makes you tired and causes red eyes. So make sure you have an immediate solution for it.

Night Cream – helps your skin rejuvenate while you rest. Wake up with fresh and bright skin.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste – you definitely don’t want to walk around with smelly breath!

Eye cream – Avoids causing your eyes to swell up.

Dry shampoo – you need to wash your hair every other day, so look nothing less than perfect!

Cleanser and wipes – cleans off all the dust from your face which had been stuck to your face all day long.

Hand cream – your hands also need attention. Harsh commercial soaps cause dry hands for which you would need a hand cream.

You may think this is a lot, but these are the essentials for skin care!


Be at Ease

Comfort has to be your top most priority when you’re traveling – discomfort can lead to mood swings and an awful journey.

Looking best while you travel is always the main goal, but there are a few things which need to be avoided — you need wear comfortable clothes.

It doesn’t really matter if your outfit is plain, you can wear what is most comfortable to you! This especially applies for airports – since you have long flights ahead. Remember heels and studded accessories are not required for airport.

So, take out your most comfortable clothes for the best journey.

Makeup and Glamour

Some people avoid wearing makeup at all, because when makeup stays on your skin all-day-long, it can result in breakouts.

But if you are carrying facial cleansers and wipes as discussed above, then applying makeup won’t be an issue because you can easily get rid of it.

Remember to moisturize your skin – it helps makeup last longer and refrains skin from becoming dehydrated. Don’t step out with bare lips apply some lipstick or gloss but don’t use long-lasting lipsticks – they leave your lips patched. Always carry a lip balm along, because just like your face your lips also need to be moisturized.

You have to avoid wearing a mascara while traveling, since you’ll end up taking naps – you won’t want your mascara to get smeared all over your face. Don’t use cream-based shadows because they’ll move all around your face.

Wearing makeup helps some women gain confidence and without it they don’t feel they can look their best.

Wear Your Heart Out — Yes During Your Travels

You need to wear comfortable clothes for long traveling hours, but it doesn’t mean you have to wear them throughout your journey.

You would also want to create some outfit of the day’ posts for your Instagram feed – so before stepping out of your hotel for lunch, dinner or shopping, change into trendy and chic clothes.

Firstly, you need to check the climate of your destination, if it’s cold then you need to stuff your luggage with some coats, boots, jackets, sweater, and mufflers. If it’s hot, then shorts and t-shirts are the best option.

A Little Black Dress is perfect for a fancy dinner or party. Sometimes, vacations turn out to be a mixture of events. Prepare for all type of nights out!

You have other options available too, short casual floral dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, blouses and long maxis. Whereas, for men some long-sleeved shirts, causal t-shirts and a couple of dress shirts. You need to decide what you like more and what fits your personality the best!

Everyone loves to travel and wish to look their best, but not many people end up doing so. You can take have a look at these suggestions to create some travel goals for your friends and family.

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