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How to Generate Massive Website Traffic

How to Generate Massive Website Traffic

How to Generate Massive Website Traffic?

There is an old saying amongst internet entrepreneurs: Content is King. I hope that by the time we have finished this lesson that saying will make some sense to you as well.

As I mentioned earlier, our site will be primarily focused on giving people free information on our chosen subject. The goal will be to fill your site with about 20 articles that are written on different areas within your topic.

This lesson will be discussing the very important process of formulating article titles and concepts (i.e. what specific topics your site will actually talk about). The next lesson will cover the process of how to write the content itself. Here, we will simply be learning how to make a list of winning article topics that are sure to drive traffic to your site.

A Brief Intro to SEO

Before we get into the process of choosing our article titles. We need to introduce a new concept that is absolutely vital to your success.

It is called Search Engine Optimization (almost always referred to as SEO). This is a marketing method. Essentially it involves doing specific things that will move your site to the top ranks of Google, Yahoo and MSN search for your siteʼs topic. This is how we will be generating most of the traffic to our sites.

For example, if someone searches Google for “learn to knit” and you have a quality site about knitting. There is a good chance that your site will show up somewhere towards the top. This will drive many visitors per week. Does that make at least a little bit of sense yet?

We must have a basic understanding of the concept before we can choose our article topics. Let me explain.

As I mentioned, you will be writing 20 articles for your site. These all articles will have their own specific topic within your main subject. If learning to knit is your subject, you may write articles on “different types of knitting”, “How to choose the right yarn for knitting”, whatever.


Now pay attention. Each of these 20 articles will have a chance to showing up at the top of Google for their specific title. If someone types in “different types of knitting” into Google, we want your article coming up first.


That way, you have your homepage PLUS 20 more articles that will show up in the search engines and should send you 20x more visitors than just your homepage. Are you following me so far? Each new page that you write is a whole new opportunity to get more traffic. And the more traffic you have, the more money you can generate.

Write For High Volume of Keywords

Another example, using numbers this time, to really make sure you understand this concept. Letʼs say that there are 10,000 people searching Google for “learn to knit” every month. You write an article with this title for your site and now, you start to show up towards the top of Google. Maybe you get 10% of those 10,000 searches to visit your site – 1,000 visitors.


Congratulations. Now, you should write 19 more articles on other topics like “best yarn for knitting”. These all have a similar situation with 10,000 people searching best yarn for knitting, 10% visit your site. See what happens? Now you have 20,000 visitors per month: 1,000 to each of the 20 articles. If you wrote 40 articles you might have 40,000 visitors. More articles = more traffic.

If this doesn’t make total sense yet, that’s not a problem. I just want you to understand that the more articles your site has, the more visitors it will be able to draw in.

Choosing Article Topics

Armed with our new knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and how our site is going to generate visitors. We can begin to compile a list of article topics/titles that fit within our subject. We are going to walk through that process now.

The first thing you need to do is pull out a blank piece of paper (or word processor). Where you will be writing down your article titles once we discover what they are.

Taking what was discussed above into consideration. It is important that our article topics/titles match what people are searching for on Google, right? For instance. If we developed an article on a subject that 100,000 people search for every month. That might help send us to get much more traffic than an article with 100 searches per month. That is obvious.


This will help you to gain maximum traffic on your website. And maximum traffic on your site means maximum business. It will help you to grow your site. Make sure to analyze your website traffic each month using website traffic checker tools.

Keyword Research is Most Crucial Step

So the first step is to open up our trusty old tool that we used many weeks ago when coming up with our site’s topic, the Google Keyword Tool:


If you remember, we simply enter a topic (like knitting, for example) and it will spit back a list of related terms along with how many people are searching for them. This is a great way to get a listing of potential article topics because 1) each term is related to our main site subject and 2) we know that people are searching for these terms which means there is strong interest in them. Run through an example with me…


Pretend that our site topic was knitting. Type that in and see what comes back. We can select any keyword from this list that seem relevant to our topic and use them as our article titles. I see a bunch of potential article titles:

Lace Knitting, Circular Knitting Needles, Free Patterns for Knitting, Knitting a Poncho, Knitting Mittens and more. Imagine if our knitting website full of quality articles on these knit topics, passionate knitters would love the information. Plus, many of these articles would come up at the top of Google search results for that specific term. Each of the keywords listed above have over 10,000 people per month searches on Google.


This process is similar with every topic. Suppose you are making a site on making money online. Then you should at least 20 articles only related to make money online. You can write about make money blogging, online surveys, paid to click sites etc.

If you will want to do this same process with your complete site and I would like you to make a list of 25 potential article topics – also write down the number of searches per month for reference.

You must make sure that the article topics you chose up with should match the general topic of your site and are within your scope of knowledge, so that you can easily generate more content about them.

NOTE: It is important to keep your article’s title (the big headline at the top of the article) identical or similar to the terms shown on this Keyword Tool.

So when you start writing down your article titles, make sure that they are similar. When we start publishing these articles on our website, the titles need to match up closely with the terms listed on this tool. For instance, if you are thinking to write about the topic “Free Patterns for Knitting” make that exact phrase the title of the article for best results.


This lesson included some important new information. To recap, it said the following…

There are millions of people searching on Google, we want them to visit our site when they search for: (insert your site’s topic here). To do that, we need to have pages of content posted to our site on those specific subjects. In order to find out what specific topics these should be, we use the Google keyword tool to give us ideas. From that, we can make a list of article titles that fit within our topic. That’s it.

If you don’t fully understand everything right now, that’s okay. These things sometimes take a while to sink in and as we progress it will make more sense. It may also help tore-read this lesson a second time, some of the concepts will seem much more clear on the second pass.


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