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How to heal yourself with art???

How to heal yourself with art

According to a quote by Alex Z “When you draw, you express your feelings and emotions, what you draw is what you feel, what you express on a piece of paper isn’t art it’s a message of your personality.” Here is the complete history of Indian art types and styles.

How does Art access the brain?

Art accesses the “right side of brain” which is responsible for implicit memory. Art can sharpen your memories and trick your brain. It deals with emotions, feelings and artistic way of expression. When we are making art we are actually experiencing our entire brain to light up. This in turn helps us to access memories that are linked to a meaningful life.


How does the art therapy work?

Since there are no rules in art, the person is compelled to explore his/her feelings and to in that way, they are able to express themselves. Usually in art therapy, the process is all that matters and not the outcome. Oxytocin is released when we are drawing, colouring or even doing the most basic thing like repeating dots or lines. Oxytocin counters the effect of Cortisol which is responsible for focussing our brain but there should be a balance between the two, due to our unhealthy lifestyle we experience an imbalance which causes us to start craving for the state of mind that oxytocin provides us with and we are pulled towards art galleries and colouring books.


Why should you do it?

Sometimes when we can’t make sense of what exactly is causing us to worry, the brain is working overtime but the thoughts can’t seem to arrange themselves. These are the times when art therapy comes to rescue. It is believed that when our mind is creating it actually is undergoing process like behaviour management, stress reduction, increase in self-esteem, resolving conflicts and problems and achieving insight.

It helps an individual to organise their thoughts into a more meaningful and harmonic manners.


How should you do it?

Basically there are no rules, you don’t have to do a certain thing, just sit down with a piece of paper and something to write with, like pen, crayon, pencil or even a paintbrush and let yourself loose, let your thoughts wander and in the end sit back and analyse the masterpiece you have created, it doesn’t need to be perfect just needs to be a reflection of what you are thinking.


To get started, this particular type of therapy is called line therapy; you just have to sit with a piece of paper and go forth with this activity at the comfort of your home.

Read more – Top 10 art forms which are indigenous to India.


How does Brain respond to art therapy??

  • Increases positive prospective.
  • More self-awareness.
  • Better at coping in the future.
  • Brain cells are very active during the process.
  • Increased neural activity in areas that deal with introspection memory and self-monitoring.

Final say…..

Art is a powerful means to express oneself without having to say anything at all….. Have you ever wondered “Why the paintings which seems senseless to our eyes cost millions of dollars?” It’s because they explain volumes of things without a single text being written… So, if you feel like your mind has been cluttered up recently and you don’t seem to know what you feel, give this a go and see how it will instantly make you feel better and declutter the mess.

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