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Sisal Rugs- Use Environmentally Friendly Flooring Decor

Sisal Rugs- Use Environmentally Friendly Flooring Decor

You will be astonished to know that sisal rugs are not only environment friendly, but also it is the natural and biodegradable type of flooring decor. There are several properties of sisal rugs like it is versatile, long-lasting, fire and water resistant and some other insulating properties. Apart from all this, they naturally stain resistant and are very less expensive compared to the traditional rugs. While using these kinds of carpets, you will find that they are very easy to maintain. The sisal floor rug is made from the sisal agave and is commonly known as cactus. Usually, these plants grow in the humid climate in the huge plump leaves.

On a survey, it was found that Brazil, Mexico, Caribbean, China, and Tanzania are some of the leading exporters of the sisal fiber. You must be wondering that if the sisal fiber is made from the cactus, then how it is used in our day to day life. In case of the sisal rugs, the sisal is mixed with the wool, acrylic, and they give it a shape of the softer cushion. It is ensured that a fixed ratio is maintained that is sixty percent of wool and the remaining forty percent of sisal. You will be amazed to know that the long woven fibers are much stronger than the jute, coir, and flax. The sisal floor rugs have started gaining the attraction of the customers and it becoming one of the favorite rugs in the field of interior designing.

There are some of the unique features of sisal rugs, irrespective of the fact that they are made from cactus the sisal will expand as well as contract based on the different weather condition. And it also has some natural anti-static properties that are the dust neither gets absorbed nor retained by the sisal rugs. If you want to have any customized color of the sisal floor rugs, then you get that on demand as it can easily be dyed into the color of your choice. The best thing about the sisal rugs is that you can easily place them in a heavy traffic area and they can easily sustain the pressure and foot traffic at the place.

The sisal rugs look so beautiful and pleasing that you can easily place them in your living as well as the bedroom. Some of the people also use these sisal rugs in their conference room or hallway. When you walk down to the market, you will find sisal rugs with various texture and design schemes. And thus you can easily select those handcrafted rugs which are hundred percent natural woven fibers and has latex backing in order to give some additional strength. Selection of sisal floor rugs depends completely on your choice if you want you can select the natural color rugs, or you can also opt for the dyed one. If you are planning to make a good visual impact with your sisal rugs, then you must go with the custom prepared one.

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