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The relation between depression and pregnancy

Sad and stressed pregnant woman

In case if you become pregnant, you need to be thinking about postpartum depression. Are you aware of the fact that some women face up to depression during the stage of pregnancy. Let us educate ourselves about pregnancy and depression which is pretty much on the same lines as immunology in pregnancy medicine.

How do you consider the situation of depression during pregnancy?

Research is of the opinion that nearly 23 % of women suffer from depression at some point during their pregnancy. It is a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of anxiety. In case of women this condition occurs more than in men and takes a toll on the reproductive years in a woman.

How depression during pregnancy goes unnoticed?

There are some symptoms of pregnancy like change of appetite, loss of energy and the worse aspect is that these are symptoms that are similar to pregnancy. Because of this reason the health care provider could attribute such symptoms to pregnancy and not to depression. As a lady you might be reluctant to discuss with your doctor about the symptoms of depression under pregnancy. On the lines of medicine for immunology while pregnant you need to address such issues at the earliest. The risk aspects with depression go on to include

  • Lack of social support
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Life stress and anxiety

The symptoms along with signs during the phase of depression?

The symptoms or signs of depression are pretty much on the same lines as it occurs with the general masses. But some additional clues during pregnancy may go on to include

  • When you are too much anxious about your baby
  • Feeling of low esteem in the form of feeling not satisfied about motherhood
  • Drinking or smoking at an excess level
  • Lack of ability to enjoy from activities that once upon a time did give you pleasure.
  • The thoughts of suicide coming up at a significant level

If the depression is untreated you would not be in a position to seek prenatal care. This is the same case when you are not in a position to care for your baby and consumption of healthy foods is not an option. The risk of postpartum depression increases and you face a lot of issues to bond with your baby. Once again it would depend upon the severity of the condition as anti -depression medicines can be suggested.

As per medical experts it is suggested that you plan out a screening at least once in a week when you are pregnant. In fact a standard tool has to be used during the course of pregnancy. During this course of testing the health care provider is going to ask you a set of questions about your anxiety levels and mood. They are also going to ask you whether in the last month or so have you been bothered about symptoms of depression. The treatment is important as it can reduce the outcomes of this disorder. Timely intervention can solve the problem to a considerable extent.

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