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Typical Dubai Desert Safari Guide and Some Additional Tips for Newbies

Dubai Desert Safari

Even though the image of modern Dubai comes with a picture of skyscrapers, magnificent architectural buildings, and luxury shopping, the culture of the Arabian Desert has kept its long back traditions alive unfailingly. Moreover, Dubai is world-wide famous to experience adventurous desert rides, falconry, barbeques and not to mention the traditional dance forms like Tanoura, Fire dance, and Belly dance. Desert safaris in Dubai are broadly acclaimed for providing an array of adventurous activities including dune bashing in a 4WD, dune buggy driving, quad biking, sand boarding, hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride and much more. So let’s talk about this extremely popular tourist attraction in detail.


What a typical desert safari in Dubai looks like?


When you book desert safari in a Dubai Tour package, you will be picked up right from the doorstep of your hotel, guest house or wherever you are staying. Then, you will be taken to a desert camp where, at first, you will get the opportunity to go on dune bashing in a 4×4 such as hummers, land cruisers or range rovers.

Since it is an adventurous activity quite enough to scream your heart out, remember to safely tuck yourself in the 4WD and the driver will take you out on a thrilling ride right through high and low sand dunes which is often described as the experience of a rollercoaster.


After reaching the camp, you can participate in other desert adventure sports of your choice like dune buggy riding, quad biking, and sand boarding. Sandboarding is like snowboarding, the only difference is that in sandboarding, you board on the sand dunes.


Another absolute attraction in a desert Dubai Tour which one should never miss is a camel ride. Camel riding is in itself a great experience and you will be able to explain it only when you have a real ride on this majestic creature. It is a must-try adventure in a desert and if you are along with your child, it is best to accompany him/her with an elder as the ride is not so smooth with a camel, especial when there are slopes.


Some of the desert safaris in Dubai also offer the option of falconry. Falcons are the national birds of the UAE and considered to be the symbol of force and courage. So, if you are a bird lover, don’t miss this opportunity.


As the sunset approaches, you will also be able to have a fantastic evening by trying out new interesting things and mingling with the locals while devouring on the scrumptious BBQ dinner. This is not all. A great dance performance in the night will also be there to entertain the tourists, which is a perfect way to bring the end of Dubai safari tour.


For the convenience of tourists, Dubai Tour agencies facilitate you with a series of options to enjoy the desert safari.


Types of Desert Safaris


  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Evening Desert Safari
  • Overnight Desert Safari


While the names are self-explanatory, it would be in your best interests to be sure of at what time the safari begins and ends, what activities are included, if they offer food and energy drinks, and what other things can be added for an extra charge.


Going without preparation can turn your trip into a disaster. So, here are a few tips for making your safari pleasant.


Useful Tips for Newbies to Have a Safe and Comfortable Safari Trip


Wear comfortable clothing while avoiding tight jeans and skirts

If you don’t want to miss any of the adventurous activities there, it is best to put on only a comfortable pair of casual clothes. In addition, it is also advised to wear open shoes, flip flops or sandals as footwear because you will be having frequent in and out of the vehicle onto the sandy land.


Carry jackets, stoles, sunglasses and a lot of sunscreens

As deserts tend to get cooler by the evening and more at night, you may need to cover up yourself by jackets or stoles to stay warm in cold winds and low temperature. Sunglasses will be your best friend in a desert as they will prevent getting sand particles into your eyes. Sunscreen is also an obvious accouterments in the desert as during days, deserts are unarguably hot.


Don’t ignore what your instructors advise you

Since dune bashing can be an experience similar to a rough roller coaster, listen to your instructor carefully while doing any of the activities to ensure that you and your companions are safe. It is essential especially if you are old or have small children with you or individual with certain health issue.


Prefer the right season to go

The best season to go for desert safari in Dubai is winter as summers are unconditionally hot and mornings quickly progress from cool to hot temperatures. In case, you are going during summer, it would be best to pick the evening time in order to avoid the hot flames of the sun and the boiling sandy land.


By following these tips, you will surely be able to have unforgettable desert safari experience for the lifetime.

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