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Why Are Swiss Balls Preferred for Fitness?

Gym Ball

Do you feel the need to increase the strength of your core? Now you can include swiss ball as new equipment in your workout regime to achieve advanced fitness goals. The exercises that you can do with the help of the swiss ball can help you eliminate the chances of injuries. It activates a smaller muscle group during the entire workout. Even if you want to do some lightweight exercise then you can use this swiss ball because these exercises can reduce your abdominal fat and you can also reduce your stress through these exercises.

Swiss Ball
Swiss Ball
  • The exercises that can be done with the ball have a great impact on the posture. It is also known as stability or gym ball and is available in varying sizes. Due to the availability of the ball in many sizes, one can use them for performing many kinds of exercises. The smaller ball is easier to work out and it can be used for beginners.
  • The bigger balls are used for the workouts that are done for an increase in flexibility and balance. These balls are composed of plastic and rubber foam, therefore, are recommended to be used in the spaces are where there are no sharp objects.

Types of exercise can be done with the swiss ball:

•    Balanced and Basic Pushup:

The pushup is a very good and effective exercise that can be done with the use of a smaller swiss ball. In the beginning, every pushup feels very difficult to perform. Moreover, using this ball is more challenging. However, by using the ball in the sets of pushups, you can get a faster and better result. You shall feel a toning effect on your upper body.

To perform the pushups with the ball, you need to kneel on the swiss ball and place your hands on the floor flat. Further, you need to ensure that your entire body is parallel to the ground. Start by fixing our vision on the ball and lower your body a few inches from the ground and push yourself back again.

Balanced pushups can also be done simply by keeping both your palms on the ball. You need to balance your body on your toe tips with your entire body positioned at 45 degrees to the ground. You have to let the upper body to lower down and bend at your elbows to few inches from the ball.  You have to push yourself back again. Through this way, you can increase your muscle strength and you can also tone your upper body.

•    Crunches and Twists: 

Exercise with the ball is very much effective to tone up your abdominals. You can use the ball to maintain the posture and balance as you make your moves and bends throughout your workout. Movement of muscles is enhanced to a greater extent as you lower your entire back directly in the ball with thighs and upper body parallel to the ground.

You can use similar movements while you would do while performing the crunches on the ground. You need to use your abs to lift your shoulders and upper back off the ball. You can feel the strength on the muscles of your legs and that of your midsection to get tightened and toned up due to high exertion due to the advanced workout.

Swiss Ball
Swiss Ball

Most of the exercises that are done with the swiss ball are done by following the same principle of balancing the body part on the ball. You can also invent many workouts of your own that can be performed by using the ball. In this case, you can search for some exercises online and you will learn some techniques from online tutorials.

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